Philangethemba (meaning “Living through Hope”) is a collaborative program between the social outreach ministry of St Agnes Anglican Church in Kloof, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and the neighboring Molweni Valley community, to empower them to address their poverty related challenges. Philangethemba has a campus adjacent to the High School. Its programs target the young people of the valley and their education. 
Empowering Lives
The organization started in 2003 with an aim of enabling sustainable development through meeting material, spiritual and emotional needs amongst the previously marginalized community through schools’ intervention. In 2003 sermon series of “Gods heart for the poor and church response to poverty” which was taken from Luke 4:18-19. The preacher was felt led to challenge the church to consider restitution through practical programmes of action to eradicate poverty in the community by promoting quality education. The think tank back then in 2004 made up of professionals from different sectors of Business, Health, Education and Engineers was formed and came up with three areas of intervention. To offer alternatives in support to quality education, health care awareness, and income generation. All these three programmes focused on young people. These pioneers strongly believed to be the gospel amongst the poor and to play a prophetic role in relation to poverty, and thus seeking to contribute to the transformation of wealthier churches in Kloof and surroundings in its response to poverty. Over time we have focussed our programs to concentrate on Education interventions for young people ranging from pre school with an Early Childhood Development program through Primary and High School and completed with a number of activities for young people who have left school. The integrated program provides Education support for the underprivileged - Early Childhood Development and preschool care), Youth Development for Primary/Elementary School, High School and school leavers Skills Development to teach useful skills such as carpentry. The diagram below shows the overall fully integrated program.
Donations are needed for salaries for Early Childhood Development and Youth Development coordinators. 
If you would like to support Philangethemba please use one of the following accounts: 
RSA: Philangethemba Impact NPC, Standard Bank Branch code 042826 acc 251155129 ref “Crowd Funding” 
UK: Philangethemba Support, HSBC Sort Code 40-47-08 acc 22166259

You may donate at Paypal Giving Fund. Operated by US registered charity “South Africa Rural Education Inc”
If any person is selling or buying on ebay, a portion can be donated – please select eBay FOR CHARITY